fb-pixel Can the Dodge Demon 170 Really Overcome Tesla Plaid?
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Can the Dodge Demon 170 Really Overcome Tesla Plaid?

I confess – I’m an absolute aficionado of combustion engines. There’s an inexplicable allure to the roar of a V8 operating at its peak efficiency that simply cannot be replicated. Nevertheless, when we delve into the metrics, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that electric power might be the unequivocal champion in terms of maximum drag racing performance.

It’s a bitter pill for combustion enthusiasts to swallow, but it appears that the Tesla Model S Plaid, a $90,000 sedan boasting 1020 horsepower and instantaneous torque to all four wheels, is virtually unbeatable by any combustion-powered production machine on the drag strip. The crazy part is that this creation is a demonstration of EV power in its relative infancy.

With its mind-boggling speed and consistent reliability, the Plaid presents a formidable challenge. Even if someone manages to outpace it once, achieving that feat repeatedly could prove to be a monumental task against the model’s sheer consistency.

However, if there’s one vehicle that might stand a chance, it would be the Dodge Demon 170. The Demon 170 represents a final salute to an era of muscle machines that doesn’t seem destined to continue into the future.

When Dodge bid farewell to the Challenger, it opened the door to a unique opportunity to invest $120,000 in a purpose-built race car. While it can still be driven on the streets, make no mistake – this is a drag racing-oriented machine. Sporting 1025 horsepower delivered through a 6.2 L supercharged V8 fueled by E85, this beast is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Below, we witness this impressive duo go head-to-head on the DragTimes YouTube channel to determine which of these incredible machines possesses the fortitude to traverse the track the quickest. In a best-of-three situation, can the more potent rear-wheel-drive combustion machine find a way to dethrone the current king of the factory performance drag racing world? Only time, and the screeching tires on the asphalt, will reveal the answer.

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