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SEMI Truck Get Stuck On Train Tracks… Train Comes Through Hauling Ass!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on October 14, 2017

It’s hard to tell if this truck bottomed out or if something failed in the powertrain to cause it to stall while crossing these railroad tracks, but the result, as you might imagine, is spectacularly devastating. I know clutch failures in eighteen wheelers are particularly debilitating, as all of that mass won’t move at all, not matter how many horsepower you have if there is no connection between the engine and the drive tires.

Regardless of what caused the truck to stall out, it gets stuck at the worst possible location, stopped squarely atop a set of train tracks with a train bearing down. From the time the video starts, we only have a few seconds, and our camera guys wisely back up their car from the intersection to give plenty of room for the impending collision. And what a collision it is!

The train blasts through the truck, demolishing the trailer and sending the cargo flying in a spectacular shower of stuff in all directions. This appears to be a moving truck, so all of the cargo is likely somebody’s personal belongings, making the crash even that much more devastating. It looks as though the truck itself is rocked by the collision, but doesn’t get knocked over, hopefully meaning the driver was uninjured.

We all know not to stop on railroad tracks, but we have to assume this driver didn’t decide to just park here because it looked good. Hopefully nobody was injured and the family who lost all of their stuff was able to get most of it gathered up, at least what survived the crash intact. We have to suggest everybody out there always use the utmost caution when approaching railroad crossing. It’s not a bad idea to try to roll up to them with enough momentum to get across, just in case something happens and you lose power while crossing. Always wait and make sure there is plenty of room on the other side before crossing as well, so you don’t have to purposely stop on the tracks.

bad place to park!

bad place to park!

Posted by Gear Heads on Friday, October 13, 2017


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