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Shocker is Back On the Street, Testing on California Street for Mega Cash Days (Very Tricky Surface)

When fans take a look at their favorite Street Outlaws’ operations, the majority of what we see is the actual race. The fact of the matter is that the actual race only takes up a couple of seconds and is the smallest fraction of what actually goes into success in the industry.

Instead, countless hours are spent preparing for the next race or next promotion and reacting to the race that just happened, trying to put the puzzle pieces together to move ahead. Staying on your game is very important if you want to be successful in the drag racing community on this level which means lots of hours of overtime.

This exact idea is on display as competitors didn’t skip a beat as they recently wrapped up the brutal No Prep Kings schedule and headed straight out to the desert to compete in Mega Cash Days.

As the rules are changed from NPK to the Mega Cash Days format, this means new cars, new setups, and even more time making sure that every detail falls perfectly in place to give every racer their best chance of going home with the cash and bragging rights. The right to say that you looked some of the fierce competitors in the eye and managed to reign supreme is certainly something worth striving for.

In this one, thanks to a vlog from Kye Kelley Racing, we get to ride along with the initial stages of what goes into such a production.

First and foremost, we watch as competitors prepare their cars to go to battle. Again, for lots of these racers, they are starting with fresh builds so it’s going to take some serious time to get the cards dialed in before they are fully capable of making their best passes down the street. The vlog gives us a unique opportunity to see the gears turning behind the scenes to push toward the top.