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Someone Actually Built a 60+ MPH Trash Can to Set the World Speed Record

Believe it or not, there is actually land speed record that has been set for the fastest garbage can in existence. Andy Jennings over in the UK managed to muster up 42 mph while riding inside of a standard rolling trashcan. Some might see this as a ridiculous way to spend your time but others might see it as a wild feat of engineering. After all, getting in an un-aerodynamic garbage bin to stand upright an rocket to over 40 mph is quite a feat.

However, records are meant to be broken and this is where YouTube creator, Chris Rollins, comes in the fold to attempt to set a record of his very own.

Much like Jennings in the UK, Rollins wanted to roll quickly in a garbage can. Not only was the goal in this little experiment to outperform the 42 mph record but also to be able to sit down in the can and have it still function as a trashcan after the record was set.

With that, he would get to work, attempting to come up with the most functional design to take something that isn’t built for speed to a new record. When Rollins finally made his way to the racetrack to test out his creation, he would be met with great success. The result was north of 60 mph as this steaming hot garbage can rolled to 14.47 seconds in the eighth mile.

Something like this seems like it would get relatively dangerous as the speeds got a higher and higher and eventually, Rollins would see just how fast he had to go before something dangerous happened. In the video below, we tune in as the record is set and the driver behind the Controls of the new world’s fastest garbage can pushed things just a little bit too far.