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Stradman’s $3m House Designed for Gear Heads Has a Car Elevator

As car fanatics, of course, if one doesn’t own their dream home, they likely have an image of what that dream home might look like in their head. Naturally, this particular dream home isn’t going to just be a place where we can live. It’ll be a place where our cars can live as well. The only limits to the most fantastic gearhead home are the bank account and the imagination.

As it turns out, popular YouTube creator, Stradman not only has an abundance of cash to spend. He also has quite the amount of imagination to create the ultimate car guy home.

In this one, we ride along with YouTube creators, The Hamilton Collection, to get a tour of this YouTube star’s house that definitely has quite the accommodations for a wild car collection.

Upon approaching the home, we get a good feeling that everything inside is going to be top-notch and upon entry, we aren’t disappointed. From the custom kitchen all the way to the master shower, there are really some amazing features to behold and we encourage you to check out the tour. However, what really caught our attention was the insane garage within.

Not only does the home have a massive space to store Stradman’s wild collections of cars, but it also has a balcony that allows one to look over the collection of cars from the living space.

Once inside the garage, we find even more awesome features. Perhaps the best, though, is a Batman-style underground garage that one gets two through a hydraulic lift that takes cars up and down. We’ve seen a lot of awesome garages. We might have to say that this car elevator might just be one of the coolest features we’ve ever seen in a house, though.

The video below showcases the epic $3 million home that we get a feeling is going to have just about every car guy drooling.

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