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Street outlaws Daddy Dave vs Crashing Mustang at No Prep Mayhem

No Prep racing has quickly gone from a small niche style of racing to a juggernaut that is spreading like wildfire across the nation. A huge part of that growth can be attributed directly to Discovery Channel’s breakout hit Street Outlaws. No Prep is the best way to experience the thrill of street racing without the potential legal ramifications and in a considerably safer environment. And while no racing is completely safe, the added sketchiness of an unprepared surface has certainly added a good deal of danger to the mix.

Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave headed to Kansas International Dragway with his gorgeous Chevy II he calls Goliath 2.0 for No Prep Mayhem. There he lined up alongside this sleek blue Ford Mustang to see who could navigate the tricky surface. While neither car made a clean hit, Dave did manage to finesse his hotrod down the track and take the win, while the Mustang had too much power for the track, crossed the centerline and nosed into the guardrail behind Dave. The contact was minimal, and the driver straightened it out and returned to his lane just in time to see Dave’s win light shining.


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