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Street Outlaws Season 15 Race Combination – Going Back to Their Roots!

Over the years, the crew from the 405 has definitely evolved a lot. The grassroots style of street racing that was captured in earlier seasons of Street Outlaws has most definitely evolved over the years. In fact, things had gotten to the point where the crew had been responsible for some of the fastest cars to ever make their way down the streets.

While previously, the evolution had taken the shape of a rocket launching to the moon as these garage-built street machines turned into big tire monsters over the years, recently, a change in plans redirected that trajectory just a little bit. With season 15, this rocket path would turn into a circle as the crew would go back to its roots, putting together cars that are a little bit more relatable for each audience member. Don’t get me wrong, these cars are still incredibly impressive, some with some pretty big money invested in them. However, these machines could feasibly be created in a regular garage without dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the build.

The result is racing that’s incredibly easy to get into. The relatability of some of these cars going head-to-head not only creates something that fans could see themselves behind the wheel of. It also creates situation with a lot more variety. One of the things that we love about racing in this format is that we get to see all sorts of different combinations go head to head.

Sure, with big tire cars there still are different metrics that make them different that we can compare to one another such as power adders. However, the wide variety of applications that can come to the table in this season 15 format of racing is simply unparalleled.

Below, we dive into some of the wildest races from season 15 that really headline the race back to the Street Outlaws’ roots.