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NASCAR is Racing on a Football Field Again, Here’s How They Convert the Grounds

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, better known as the “LA Coliseum” is a storied facility. The stadium has hosted some of the most iconic sporting events to ever occur. I mean how does it get any bigger than being the home of the first-ever Super Bowl, multiple Summer Olympics, and even a World Series?

This year, the venue turns 100 years old and will be the home of NASCAR’s opening race yet again. After a strong showing last year in which NASCAR transformed the venue into a race track, they’ll be back to do it again on February 5th!

The racing style that happens on a track like this isn’t similar to the high-speed affairs that we’ve come to know as modern NASCAR. However, when the surface is restricted to just a quarter of a mile around and space is incredibly tight, things can tend to get interesting.

This time, we check in with the venue as it gets a pretty big makeover for the race this upcoming weekend. Sure, seeing a football stadium transform to a baseball stadium is relatively commonplace. We’ve even watched as certain arenas have been covered with dirt to accommodate a Monster Jam event. However, watching a 100-year-old football field be completely reconfigured to accommodate race cars is another level of impressive altogether.

Below, we check in with a couple of videos that showcase the iconic locale receiving its facelift to get ready for all of that roaring horsepower to punish the pavement. In the second clip, we get to see the crew getting ready for this year’s event, working diligently to make sure that the LA Memorial Coliseum looks nothing like its former self.