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Taking Apart a Perfectly Good Demon (+Unboxing the Demon Crate)

Want to win this monster? Find out how here.

When it comes to getting the most out of our cars, sometimes, it takes a little bit of a modification. Straight out of the box, the Dodge Demon was quite an impressive machine. However, for those who are looking to get a little bit more out of the powerhouse, some minimal and tasteful modification might be required. For some, this means digging into the optional Demon Crate. For us, while we do dig into the $1 optional crate, we go a bit further as well.

This time, we tune in to episode two of Beyond the Build that shows off the effort to crack into the Demon that we are currently giving away. It certainly is a wild experience to take apart such a highly revered collectible car. However, the modifications that we have done in the machine are pretty simple and designed so that the winner could take this thing back to stock should they want it to be more of a collectible item.

In this particular episode, though, we’re going to take you through what it means to start to disassemble the Demon and we’re even going to go over what comes in the Demon crate. In the episode, you’ll meet up with Speed Society’s own, Mike “The Wrench” and our friend Brenton Brown from Forza Tuning and Performance as we get the rundown of how to put together all of the pieces for optimal performance.

Last but not least, we get into some of the nuts and bolts of the latest tuning software from HP Tuners and how exactly this can help to coax as much horsepower possible out of whatever application you might be working on.

Down in the video below, treat yourself to the rare sight of a Dodge Demon going under the knife and coming out with even more muscle!

Want to win this monster? Find out how here.

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