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Tesla Halts New Cybertruck Over Faulty Pedal

Tesla’s Cybertruck, the much-anticipated electric pickup, has hit a major roadblock as reports surface of a serious safety concern plaguing the vehicle. Allegations have emerged that the truck’s accelerator pedals are prone to sticking in the down position, leading to instances of unintended acceleration. As a result, Tesla has taken the unprecedented step of suspending deliveries of its Cybertruck model until further notice.

The issue at hand revolves around the design of the accelerator pedal and its accompanying cover. Like many conventional vehicles, the Cybertruck features a metal accelerator pedal covered by a replaceable cover. Owners reported cover dislodging and slipping under the dashboard trim, posing a safety risk. Consequently, the pedal becomes ensnared in the down position, causing the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably. One such incident gained attention after being shared on TikTok by user Jose Martinez, whose handle is el.chepito1985. In the video, Martinez demonstrates how the accelerator pedal became stuck during the operation of his Cybertruck.

Despite his efforts to brake, the vehicle continued to accelerate, posing a significant safety risk. Fortunately, Martinez was able to bring the truck to a halt and subsequently turn off the ignition, averting a potential disaster.

Martinez’s experience is not an isolated incident. Numerous users on forums such as CybertruckOwnersClub have echoed similar concerns regarding the pedal’s propensity to stick. Many claim to have received communication from Tesla indicating that deliveries of the Cybertruck are on hold pending resolution of the issue.

Despite these reports, Tesla has remained tight-lipped on the matter. The company, known for its unconventional approach to public relations, does not operate a traditional PR office and typically refrains from responding to inquiries from the media. Consequently, it is challenging to obtain official confirmation of any stop-sale order issued by Tesla.

Meanwhile, regulatory bodies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have begun to take notice. While no formal recall or investigation has been initiated thus far, reports suggest that the agency has reached out to Tesla for further information regarding the alleged defect. Previous recall scrutinized Cybertruck’s safety, addressing warning message visibility with software update.

The emergence of this safety concern casts a shadow over the future of Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck. With deliveries suspended and regulatory scrutiny looming, the company faces mounting pressure to address the issue swiftly and decisively. Neglect risks Cybertruck owners’ safety and tarnishes Tesla’s reputation as an automotive innovation and safety leader.


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As owners await further updates from Tesla and regulatory agencies, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on the electric automaker. The outcome will shape Cybertruck’s image and position in the evolving electric vehicle market. Until then, concerns regarding the safety of Tesla’s flagship pickup persist, casting a pall over its once-promising debut.