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Terrified Construction Worker Dangling From Crane Draws 12 Million Views

Footage of a man hanging from a crane high above the ground has gone incredibly viral recently. It seems as if the video has been reposted on all sorts of different outlets. The particular TikTok video that we came across boasted 12 million views of folks who watched on in horror, hoping that nothing would go wrong.

As the man was floating across the sky, bystanders did their best to scream instructions to try and help keep the individual calm with additional sets of eyes. While telling the man to let his hardhat fall, presumably to focus on hanging on, the man behind the camera went on to wonder “Oh my god. How the f*** did this happen?” A very good question indeed.

Eventually, they would plead for the crane operator to stop lowering the heavy load before the man would get crushed. This is where the video cuts off and leaves everybody wondering what happened.

How are you guys going to do that to us!?

After a little bit of digging, we found out the answer that everyone was wondering about. CBC News reported that the worker pictured in the video is employed by a company called Modern Niagara as a rigger. Basically what a rigger does is ensures that loads of materials are secured to the crane before the crane lifts them in the air. Unfortunately for this poor guy, he got tangled with a tagline after hooking up a load. This is when he went for the ride of a lifetime.

Fortunately, the individual pictured in the footage was eventually lowered to the ground safely and was not seriously injured. If you have to pick one way to go viral, this is most certainly a dramatic way to do it.

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