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Terrifying Coachella Road-Rage Incident Caught on Camera

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself the best driver but what I can say for certain is that road rage is pretty much never a good idea. Screaming into your steering wheel is probably the best course of action if you’re that upset at another driver.

Unfortunately, road rage incidents have become relatively common in the news these days. The worst part is that they can have pretty serious consequences and the incidents can escalate quickly. Not only is it dangerous to drive distracted which could cause damage to vehicles and people alike but we’ve also seen situations where some individuals take things too far when road rage turns physical.

Leaving the Coachella music festival, there were a variety of different accounts of encounters of aggression with the driver of a white Honda and an angry passenger. In the video that has since gone viral, we check in with someone else who was trying to leave Coachella. Apparently, the white Honda in question wanted to merge in front of the camera car and when the driver didn’t get his way, a passenger acted out in a barbaric manner.

An individual on the passenger side of the vehicle took matters into his own hands, smashing out the window of the vehicle that they couldn’t merge in front of with the help of a glass bottle. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the situation.

There has yet to be any report on if any arrests were made or not. The driver of the white Honda wasn’t hanging around to see what happened after the window was smashed as he turned around and took off. Fortunately, the video managed to capture the license plate of the vehicle which hopefully will lead to a little bit of justice.

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