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Honda Swapped Ferrari Owner Awaits the Day Ferrari Sends a Cease-and-Desist Order

In my humble opinion, the act of truly owning a Ferrari is something that’s pretty much impossible. Sure, if you have the money you can go out and purchase one. Maybe you even qualify for one of the higher tier models so long as Ferrari considers you a quality enough owner to represent its brand. You can even sell this car that you have the title for and make a little bit of money if the model should appreciate in value.

However, until you have the right to modify your own car, I would argue that you never truly own it. This might be something that seems pretty straightforward but in the case of Ferrari owners, it just isn’t.

With a company like Ferrari, modifying a car becomes incredibly difficult as they like to send out cease and desist letters like it’s going out of style. There have been several public examples, most notably, the struggle of international superstar DJ, Deadmau5, who modified his Ferrari into a “Purrari” with his own custom cat branding only to have the brand try to drag him through court.

Therefore, even if people were brave enough to cut up such an expensive car, we don’t see very many modified versions because the brand behind the vehicles has a tendency of going after those who step out of line.

This time, we join in with our host at StanceWorks as he tells us a little bit about his journey with modifying a Ferrari. The Honda swapped car that he calls the “lowest level and cheapest Ferrari that money can buy” hasn’t earned him a cease and desist letter yet. If he does get one, though, he says that he will be sure to frame it and hang it on the wall.

Below, we learn a little bit more about how Ferrari has acted in the past toward those who like to modify its cars and why exactly this particular Ferrari owner doesn’t think that he’s been struck down just yet.