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Tesla Owner Goes on Road Rage Spree, Swinging Steel Pipe at Variety of Other Motorists

In what’s being referred to as the “Tesla Tirade,” a driver has been going around the streets of California in his Tesla Model X and committing acts of road rage. It doesn’t appear to be just another disgruntled driver, though. Instead, due to the rather large volume of incidents that were both captured on camera and reported by other victims, it would almost seem as if the individual was seeking out situations to escalate instead of simply reacting.

36-year-old Nathaniel Radimak has since been arrested thanks to a concerned citizen who was able to help police with key pieces of evidence.

Several drivers who came forward to different new stations have reported the same man creating incidents where things would get downright scary. One driver claims that the man behind the Tesla tirade had cut him off, jumped out, and proceeded to beat on the victim’s car with some sort of pipe. All of this is corroborated by the dashcam footage that shows off the incident that feels just a little bit bizarre.

In the first clip, we watch as a man commits this act of road rage, hopping out of the vehicle and beating a truck with the pipe before speeding off and finding somebody else to commit another act of road rage against.

Below, we find a pair of news reports from Inside Edition and ABC7 that show off the scary dashcam footage featuring this individual who appeared to be rolling around in the streets of California just looking for trouble.

In a situation like this, it seems as if the motorists in question did the best thing that they possibly could, keeping their windows up and calling the police. When you have video evidence of something like this happening, there’s no good reason to get out of the car and escalate matters even further.