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Tesla Swapped Plymouth “Muscle Car” Surprises 700HP Turbo Dart

As time marches forward, the engine swaps that we see as the most common are definitely going to change. One day, the small block craze was taking over and the next, LS engines and Coyote powerplants are under the hood of oh so many projects. With each generation, the technology gets bigger and better to create more diverse and interesting muscle machines to play with.

What exactly is going to take over next is hard to say.

In this particular case, we check in with a swap that is becoming more and more popular, though. Naturally, as electric vehicles become more of a cornerstone of mainstream motoring, the components that power them are going to become more widely available and much cheaper. With that, it’s probably not much of a stretch to say that we will see our fair share of electric swaps come to life as well.

This time, we check in with a swap that is definitely going to catch its fair share of bystanders off guard.

When approaching the engine bay of something like a 1972 Plymouth Satellite, one would expect to find V8 power under the hood of the muscle machine. However, when viewers stumble upon a Tesla P100D drivetrain with a 100 kWh battery and a ludicrous drive unit, we would venture to say that this car might get a little bit polarizing, no pun intended.


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In this particular outing, That Racing Channel takes us along for the ride as this electric swapped Plymouth absolutely shocks the competition. Even though the machine that’s known as “Electrollite” doesn’t feature a grumbling V8, its owner assures us that the car is still an “all muscle car” other than what powers it. In other words, it’s a wild ride that makes a ton of power and when that throttle drops, you had better hang on!

Photo credit – @dan.coronado.photo