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Tesla’s Wild Big Rig Hits the Road With 500 Miles of Range

While the consumer segment has been wowed by the electric vehicle with all of the new releases, it’s yet to be determined if buying one is really going to save that much money due to how expensive it can be. However, while most of the attention seems to be on the consumer segment, perhaps we’re all missing where the biggest possible savings with the EV comes into play – the commercial segment.

With big rigs costing as much as $1000 or more to fill up a fuel tank, being able to transfer to electric technology could make all of the difference in what it costs to transport goods. Naturally, these savings would help to alleviate prices in all different areas of life as shipping cost is a big component of the price that we pay for just about anything on store shelves.

With that being said, it looks like the Tesla truck is making major steps toward becoming a key component of the shipping industry.

One of the big challenges with electric vehicles that have been well documented is that they might not get as much range as combustion-powered vehicles. If they do get decent range, charging them up has also been an issue that has been brought into the question as it’s a little bit more time-consuming than simply filling up at the pump.

Recently, though, Tesla has managed to test its truck successfully to the tune of 500 miles of range. Coincidentally, as our host at CNET says, this 500 miles would account for about eight hours of driving which is the limit for commercial drivers. After an eight-hour period, commercial drivers are required to take at least a 30-minute break. During the 30 minutes, a Tesla’s big rig could charge from 0-70% battery.

This isn’t where the upside stops, either. By tuning in with the video below, we get to learn more about the truck that has been constructed to be “more like a bullet than a barn wall” to get the most out of every mile traveled.

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