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“That’s Not My Dad,” Police Act Swiftly, Rescue Two Kids From Alleged Kidnapper

October 10th in Hillsboro county, Florida, one man would be introduced to what might be the worst possible nightmare for any father. The distressed man had waved down police officers after having his truck stolen. However, to make matters far worse, his children, ages four and eight, were still inside the vehicle that he no longer had in his possession. This is a sequence that would make just about any parent sick to ever think about let alone having it quickly become a reality.

Who knows what could’ve possibly happened if the police didn’t act swiftly? Fortunately, this wasn’t the case as police were able to track down the truck just a couple of minutes later when a deputy spotted the vehicle and pulled it over. From there, footage has now been made public that shows the interaction, up close and personal.

Body camera footage shows the suspect who kept repeating “It’s not me” when questioned by the officer during the stop. In addition to the officer recognizing the vehicle that was reported stolen, the suspect’s apprehensive body language seems to tell us that something isn’t quite right with this situation. This guy seems stiff as a board and has a look on his face that seems to infer that he realizes he’s about to spend quite a few years behind bars if he doesn’t figure out a way to run. When compounded by the kids in the vehicle saying “That’s not my dad,” the deputy would then take the driver, Kevin Smith, into custody. He would be charged with grand theft motor vehicle and two counts of felony kidnapping.

It’s moments like these that we truly appreciate efficient policing when officers are able to take down the bad guys and deliver safety and protection to those who can’t quite protect themselves.

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