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Cybertruck Leaks Come to Light, Tesla to Use Internal Cameras to Watch Drivers

As exciting as technology can be, there also comes a learning curve to make sure that we don’t end up in the wrong place. The thing about the speed at which technology is evolving these days can mean that it might be rather easy to end up in a pitfall here and there. As exciting as the concept of something like a self-driving car might be, the professionals need to figure out if the tech behind it is actually something that could be used safely or if it’s a technology that we are rushing too quickly into accepting.

These days, it’s not 100% legal to let the car do all of the work. Instead, there are measures in place to make sure that the person behind the wheel is actually paying attention. In the case of Tesla, this looks like a wheel nudges every 10 seconds or so to make sure that the driver is still there and looking at the road.

However, people will be people and this has turned into different inventions to try and override the system. At the end of the day, the evidence seems to insist that self-driving vehicles have a much smaller margin of error than human beings do but legally, we can’t advise anybody to let the car do all of the work.

Therefore, Tesla is taking on new measures to make sure drivers are paying attention. Inside of many Telas, we find a cabin-facing camera that will now be able to capture images in the vehicle. It’ll do so in several different scenarios. For example, it might capture what was happening in the car prior to a safety event. It will also now be used to monitor inattentiveness as well to make sure that people are paying attention. In this way, the safety measures for inattentive driving will be much more difficult to bypass.

Formerly, the idea behind the camera was to use it in the case of a Robo-taxi situation. Eventually, Tesla plans on allowing its vehicles to be used as driverless taxis and the camera would be used to monitor the rider inside. However, it seems as if Tesla has since found another use to put the unit to the task.

Down in the video below, from Ryan Shaw, we get to see exactly how these cameras will be put to use in addition to a little bit of other Tesla news. Apparently, a couple of leaks surrounding the Cybertruck are now painting the picture a little bit better as to what we can expect when that model hits the market.

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