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The Truth About Chris Kamikaze’s Street Outlaws Monte Carlo SS

Those who have tuned in with the latest season of Street Outlaws have likely noticed something has changed. Instead of the big tire racing machines that we have become accustomed to seeing on episodes of the street racing reality show, something simpler has taken their place.

In the most recent season, we watch as small tire street cars are introduced to the mix again as the crew from the 405 attempts to go back to its roots. With these cars, we see something a lot more relatable that can be driven around on the streets and maybe even driven home from race night if the competitors play their cards right.

With the changing of the format, some competitors have machines that fans might already be familiar with from previous seasons that can just show up and race. However, other competitors have found themselves in a position where they might be building cars specifically for this refreshed format.

One of the competitors who is rolling something new into the streets for this season is Kamikaze Chris. For this season, Chris elected to go with a g-body Chevrolet Monte Carlo that is so clean you could eat off of it.

However, as the current season is already filmed and in the books, Chris has decided that he’s going to move on from the build that the audience is just now learning about that. In fact, the car already has a new owner who is selling it himself.

In the video below, we catch up with the machine that made its first hits on the new season of Street Outlaws and is now up for grabs for just short of $40,000. In addition to learning about a little bit of a public outrage that’s related to the car getting sold, we also get to tour the machine to get up close and personal with the build!