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The 90s Obscured SVT Muscle Machine You’re Looking For

In the current automotive landscape, manufacturers often play it safe, sticking closely to tried-and-true formulas. I mean, how many crossovers could one possibly ask for? Those things are around every corner at every dealership.

However, there was a time, particularly in the 90s and 2000s, when automakers occasionally let their creative impulses run wild, birthing intriguing and unique vehicles.

One such oddball from this era was the Ford Contour SVT, a vehicle that has faded into relative obscurity. Manufactured from 1995 to 2000, the Contour aimed to be the smaller sibling of the popular Taurus, a compact four-door sedan.

Ford, inspired by the model’s success abroad, decided to introduce it to the American market, rebadging it as the Contour. However, the car served as a poster child for the importance of tailoring vehicles to specific markets. For those wondering why certain variations of certain cars aren’t available in America, it’s because of flops like the Contour.

In a recent rundown by automotive enthusiast Doug DeMuro, he explores the Contour SVT, the high-performance iteration of this overlooked sedan. Sporting a whopping 195 horsepower and various upgrades, the SVT aimed to capture the attention of the performance community. It feels like an early 2000s attempt too as this thing oozes nostalgia around every corner.

Despite the Contour’s fading into automotive history, the concept of a high-performance sedan has endured, suggesting that the Contour SVT might have been ahead of its time and maybe even sparked a good idea in some competitors.

While the 1999 Ford Contour SVT may be a forgotten relic, it is worth exploring for those seeking an oddball, unique, and niche vehicle. Doug DeMuro’s video delves into the peculiarities of this underrated model, offering a nostalgic trip for automotive enthusiasts and a reminder that, sometimes, the most unconventional creations leave a lasting impact on the industry.