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Ram TRX and Ford Raptor R Square Off in Quarter Mile Drag Race

If there’s a trend we wholeheartedly support, it’s the rise of the performance pickup truck. Just when enthusiasts started to fear the demise of large displacement and forced induction and were losing hope, Ram unveiled the TRX. This powerhouse packed Hellcat architecture beneath the hood of the reliable 1500 series pickup, complemented by off-road enhancements reminiscent of Ford’s Raptor. The TRX not only revived the spirit of big engine enthusiasm but also prompted competitors to up their game. After all, with a new top dog offering 702 shiny horsepower that was much more potent than any other truck, did they really have much of a choice in the matter?

Among the latest contenders to join the arena of high-displacement madness is Ford. While the blue oval had the Ford Raptor before the TRX hit the scene, enthusiasts clamored for a supercharged V8 version ever since Ford abandoned the V8 in favor of a twin-turbo V6 for their performance truck. Now that Ram was coming to the table with exactly what fans had been asking for, the ball was sent back into Ford’s court to make a move. Make a move Ford did.

Responding to the fervent pleas of its customer base, Ford introduced the Ford Raptor R. Mirroring the TRX’s connection to muscle car lineage, the Raptor R shares its power source with the Shelby GT500, boasting an impressive 700 horsepower of its own.

In a thrilling drag race, this time, we witness these two majestic beasts roaring to life as they vie for supremacy. As the two meet at the local drag strip, both clad in white, they accelerate toward the finish line, screaming a symphony of V8 power and illuminating the boards to really give fans something to talk about.

The question lingers: Is the protegé superior to the master, or will the original big dog retain its reign at the top?

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