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Can a Bentley be Bought for $15k at Dealer Auction?

When delving into the world of car dealer auctions, it often feels like navigating the Wild West. Spread across vast acres, these auctions house a diverse array of cars, each with its unique story. Among the multitude of vehicles, many originate from dealer trade-ins that didn’t make it to the lot, presenting both enticing deals and potential money pits alike.

In a recent expedition, YouTube creator Flying Wheels takes us on a journey through a dealer auction, aiming to showcase the value that can be uncovered within. Armed with a $15,000 budget, the objective is to identify cars that can be refurbished and resold at another auction, ideally the high-profile Mecum auction. The hope is that with a bit of elbow grease, these auction finds will be ready for a new spotlight.

The adventure unfolds with encounters of intriguing cases – a coyote-powered Ford Mustang promises fun, while a Subaru WRX appears to offer good value. However, the excitement is tempered by the inherent risks of buying at an auction where test drives are not an option. Bidders are limited to visually inspecting the cars in the lot before bidding.

The plot thickens when Flying Wheels takes a leap of faith, bidding on a Bentley with only a quick walk-around visual inspection as the car rolls up to the auction block. He relays the fact that he didn’t see the car in the lot but was still interested in bidding. The potential repairs for a Bentley can be exorbitant, but a $35,000 bid is deemed acceptable by our cautious host.

In the video below, viewers are treated to a variety of cars, each presenting its own set of possibilities and challenges. Whether these are great deals remains subjective, but the host seems to grapple with understanding auction prices, hinting at the notion that the automotive market may still have some time before the anticipated crash that hangs in the air.

As the journey unfolds, it becomes clear that the world of dealer auctions is a blend of risk, reward, and the unpredictable nature of the automotive market.