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The Best (AND Worst) New Car Reveals from the 2023 New York Auto Show

Each and every day, the calendar moves onward and we are forced to leave behind the past and power our way into the future. In the automotive world, this progression never stops happening. Let’s face it, the concept of the electric vehicle is incredibly controversial in the car community but whether we like it or not, it seems as if the industry is at a pivotal point no matter which direction it heads from here.

Whether we’re talking about the propulsion system or the goodies inside and out of the vehicle, every single day, people behind the scenes at every major automaker are doing their best to keep up with the times and maybe even push their product toward the future.

This time, we get to see exactly what they’ve been up to at the 2023 New York Auto Show.

In this day and age, technology and cars have never been more integrated. It seems as if, with every opportunity that they have, automakers are doing their best to shoehorn as much tech into cars as possible. At this year’s 2023 NYAS, we see that this relationship has never been more evident as it comes into full bloom. As we take a spin of the show with our host at TFLtalk, we get to see just how much tech lurks around every corner of the show and how it could stand to change the way that we drive.

In addition to seeing some of the latest releases, our host guides us in the direction of some of the best and worst new car reveals from the auto show. This particular show has always been a highly publicized location where some of the big brands like to unveil their latest and greatest goodies at so buckle up for a sneak peek of some features that you’re not going to want to miss.