fb-pixel The Calvo Twin Turbo Viper Claims 1700 HP and Hits Our Dyno – Time to find out! | DYNO TIMES - Speed Society
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The Calvo Twin Turbo Viper Claims 1700 HP and Hits Our Dyno – Time to find out! | DYNO TIMES

Welcome to the first episode of DYNO TIMES. When we wrap up a high-performance build and all of the nuts and bolts are in place and tightened down to specifications, there is a moment of truth that tells us if it was all worth it or not.

Following the initial moment of truth which is the first test drive, we find time to bring our builds to the dyno, in many cases. Not only is the dyno a phenomenal tool for tuning but it also gives builders a benchmark to see what their efforts have earned them.

With this, the tool has become one that’s an important cornerstone of the automotive performance world. In fact, with a high enough horsepower figure on the dyno, one can even earn themselves bragging rights in the community.

This time, we introduce you to our new series Dyno Times, an event that puts some of the craziest builds on the rollers at Speed Society HQ to see what these cars are capable of.

A show where we have combined the old PASS TIME show, bringing the automotive community together, and featuring your builds and specific mods. Everything from 500hp to 2000+ HP. How much Horsepower do you really have? Prove it!

We have been filming since COVID, and then the LOCKDOWN hit us in San Diego, CA and as you know, it was a wild ride for the last 2 years. We are back and excited to share some of the series we have been working on.

In this particular outing, we check in with a car that is one of the fiercest around. When it comes to the SRT Viper, Calvo Motorsports builds are some of the most intense with this particular competitor on Dyno Times being no different.

Antonio Calvo joined us in the most recent episode with a special ride indeed.

The CM 1800, a Calvo Motorsports package that promises 1800 horsepower to the crank features some special goodies. This build starts with a Callies billet crank, Calvo short block, and Head Games Heads. From there, things get even more intense with a pair of twin 72mm Zona Rotor turbos and a PPG sequential transmission. In other words, it’s a combination that absolutely means business.

Down in the video below, the CM1800 Viper gets introduced to our in-house AWD-1750 Mustang Dyno and thanks to its stingy power readings, we like to call this one “The Heartbreaker” for a good reason.

How did the screaming Viper do? Well for starters, the monster managed to wreak havoc on our Swisstrax flooring and sent a camera flying! That’s just the beginning, though.

Check out the video below to find out just how much power it made and don’t forget to head over to the YouTube video comments to submit your guess on horsepower! Closest guess without going over wins!