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Thunderbird Pilot Reacts to Action Sequences in “Top Gun: Maverick”

Over the years, Hollywood has had a way of taking a real-life situation and spicing them up just a little bit. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because if movies replicated real life down to the most tedious details, it would probably be a pretty boring experience for moviegoers. However, going too far in the unrealistic direction would certainly be something that could cause fans to take away some cool points as well.

Apparently, this past weekend, fans showed their love of the Top Gun franchise to the tune of $100 million on opening weekend, making Top Gun: Maverick one of the biggest openers in years. Just because something did well at the box office, though, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the most realistic thing ever. I mean, look at how well the Fast and Furious franchise does every time that they release a new installment – and in that franchise, they sent a Pontiac Fiero to space.

This time, we check in with YouTube creator, Be Jet Clean, an individual who has experience as a combat fighter pilot and Thunderbird fighter pilot. With that experience up in the air, we would say that he is highly qualified to be able to break down elements from the most recent Top Gun film and tell us just how realistic the action sequences might be. At the end of the day, Hollywood could definitely sneak in a couple of things that look realistic and it would glide right on past the casual viewer. However, with somebody who has had some serious seat time in a fighter jet, the fake stuff isn’t going to fly.

Down in the video below, we get to take a couple of steps through the Top Gun: Maverick trailer and get a full breakdown of what each maneuver looks like to someone who has seen it all.