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The Copart Selection of Flood Cars in Florida is WILD

The automotive salvage auction company, Copart, is incredibly busy in certain areas including Florida, especially when it comes to storm season. Let’s just say that mother nature does not discriminate and she will take out all that is in her path including all sorts of vehicles from exotics to regular everyday drivers. If you can’t find a safe spot to park your car, there’s a good chance that some sort of element of a hurricane is going to do some sort of damage to it and it could end up in a Copart lot just waiting to be auctioned off for parts or repair.

This time, we take an opportunity to check out a Copart lot in Florida. As our host, Niko Brothers, records the lot, it almost feels like this place goes on forever and ever with no end in sight. As he browsers through the selection of cars, all sorts of vehicles from all walks of life expand over the horizon in such a way as to make one feel like there’s an endless amount of work to be done here.

With the tour, we get a unique insight to what happens to some of these cars after they are exposed to a storm. In this case, the vast majority of vehicles examined have suffered some sort of flood damage. Copart does its best to put a waterline on each car, showing just how deep the flood was around it. With each machine, there’s a different story which could mean anything from a complete wreck to something that might not be far from running and driving again. Some of the vehicles with the highest flood lines feature a muddy and musty interior that is going to be a hard sell even at the auction but others might be a bit luckier and only require some cleaning and a few replacement parts.

Follow along below to see exactly what is left behind as Florida continues to pick up the pieces from its latest hurricane.

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