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The “Glitter Bomb” is at it Again, Catching Car Thieves and Porch Pirates

If there’s one line of “work” out there that we could all live without, it’s that of being a thief. It really takes a lack of a moral compass to involve yourself in a situation that has you stealing from somebody’s front porch or smashing the window of their car to make off with possessions that just aren’t yours. If you’re reading this and that’s you – do better.

Moral or not, there are tons of people who do this around the world every single day with a heavy concentration of this sort of activity in San Fransisco, California. In fact, around the holidays, we’d guess that there are even more evil doers out and about looking to make a quick buck.

Therefore, engineer and popular Youtuber, Mark Rober, has taken it upon himself to combat this issue with the help of a little bit of engineering. By creating a glitter bomb that has tons of fun features, our host manages to catch plenty of individuals who are trying their hardest to make off with someone’s hard-earned goods.

However, that’s not where the fun stops as this package doesn’t just eject glitter all over the place when it’s opened. Instead, there is also a massive container of fart spray within that will contaminate the thief’s home, fake police chatter that will freak them out, and even drones that will help spread the glitter around as the entire thing is captured on cameras mounted inside of the box.

Below, we check in with Rober as he tells us a little bit more about this project and how it has evolved over the years. This isn’t the first rendition of the glitter bomb but instead an improvement that attempts to do a little bit better than the original all while also taking the opportunity to include car thieves from San Fransisco which our host calls “the smash-and-grab capital of the world.”

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