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The New 2 Door Cadillac Escalade Offers Everything we NEED in Life

Over time, automotive manufacturers often abandon certain ideas that, despite being highly sought after by some car buyers, lack the long-term success necessary for profitability. Because automakers prioritize maximizing profits, sometimes sacrificing cool ideas for potentially more lucrative ones is just a part of the game plan, even when these lucrative ideas are so boring they make enthusiasts fall asleep.

One such idea that has fallen out of favor is the two-door full-size SUV. Because it initially gained a niche following, clean examples of an old school two-door SUV are increasingly rare and highly sought after today. Car enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium to own such a vehicle, indicating a demand that remains largely unfulfilled in today’s market. This is where we have to give kudos to the recent revival of the Ford Bronco.

Instead of waiting for automakers like General Motors to reconsider producing a two-door Tahoe or even an Escalade, we can look to talented artists like wb.artist20 on Instagram. These artists connect popular old-school ideas with new-school design, bridging the gap between past concepts and modern aesthetics.

In this case, the artist took a brand new Cadillac Escalade and injected it with a touch of design flair by widening the body and making a few other visual modifications. To further differentiate it, they removed two of the doors, resulting in a sleek and eye-catching rendering.


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While it remains uncertain if a modification like this would gather a large enough following for Cadillac to consider producing it, one thing is certain—the rendering looks incredibly cool and would undoubtedly turn heads at events like cars and coffee.

Perhaps, with some luck, a skilled fabricator will stumble upon this idea and decide to create their very own two-door Escalade. Alternatively, it would be fantastic if Cadillac themselves embraced this concept and offered it as a production model in the future.

In conclusion, while certain automotive ideas may be abandoned by manufacturers, the creativity of artists and the passion of car enthusiasts continue to keep these concepts alive. The two-door full-size SUV, once a niche favorite, could experience a revival if someone takes the initiative to bring it to life.