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The NEW Ram Revolution EV Truck Has Features You Won’t Believe

For those who haven’t been paying attention, there seems to be a race going on in the automotive industry. It’s not a drag race or a race around a circle track but instead a race to bring a good electric pickup truck to market.

While Chevrolet and Ford have had their well-documented attempts to take their first shot at an EV pick up, Ram has lagged behind a bit as they are just now debuting the Ram Revolution EV truck.

When we take a look at this thing, though, we feel like it might be a “better late than never” approach or maybe even a “better late than early” situation. After all, while consumers won’t get that initial wow factor that comes with a model being the first of its kind, sitting back and seeing what the competition is doing means that you might be able to release the best version of such a vehicle because the other guys already did all of the leg work and you can take notes.

This time, we get to take a look inside of the result of Ram sitting back and observing before making a move. Outside, the truck looks like a hot wheels car with a longer cabin, 24 inch wheels, and an aggressive design.

Inside, we find a lot of technology to love including suicide doors, three rows of seating, and even a fall away steering wheel. These innovative ideas come before we even start to dig into the technology which is also plentiful and has us excited about the rides to come.

In the video below, The Fast Lane Truck gives us a guided tour of the truck, showing what this thing is really made of as we get our first look at what Ram sees as the future of electric pickup trucks.