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The Return of the Chevy Avalanche – Who is Buying One!?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on December 29, 2021

It’s kind of weird how we can have our favorite vehicles one day and the next day, they’re being discontinued.

For example, the Chevrolet Avalanche is a truck that seemed to have quite a dedicated following. However, that following didn’t seem to be big enough to keep the pickup truck around. With its strange status somewhere between an SUV and a full-fledged pickup, it felt as if there just wasn’t as big of a market as was needed to keep the model afloat.

However, fast forward a couple of years and we have talked of “what if” with fans of the model hopeful to see the first brand new Chevrolet Avalanche hit dealership lots since the model was sent off into the sunset back in 2013.

Since then, there have been some rumblings that perhaps a re-introduction to the market should be considered for the model. As it is a new day and age, perhaps the way that we do things these days would dictate that consumer preferences could have potentially shifted to accept the Avalanche if it were to be rereleased.

It would be pretty interesting to see exactly how the model would be revived and what features will be borrowed from the old Avalanche and brought into a newer rendition. As of now, no official word has been released that this is a serious consideration. However, after taking one look at a rendering from the artist, Oscar Vargas, we have to admit that this is something that looks pretty cool. The image borrows much of the architecture from a Chevrolet Suburban, remodeling certain parts and bringing back some nostalgia to form the most recent SUV into the pickup that we once knew.

Who knows? With the electric truck trend coming around, perhaps as a model that Chevrolet has considered to take the reins in that market.

Photo credit – Oscar Vargas a.k.a – wb.artist20 Face Book / Instagram


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