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The Street Outlaws From a New Angle – 405 Photo Shows us Behind the Scenes

Obviously, when it comes to competing at the top of your game on the drag strip, racers are going to need to get in a lot of practice. Even those who are at the top of their game can stand to gain something by going out and testing. Not only can they tweak their cars to make sure that they’re perfect but they can also tweak their skills to get just a little bit better which accumulates a lot over time. Drivers are going to need to be on their best possible game when it comes to challenging the other best drivers in the world.

Just as drivers need to get in a little bit of practice, everybody else needs to practice as well. The fact remains consistent, even for the photographers shooting shots of the action.

This time, we get to see exactly how that applies to a very popular photographer from the 405.

If you’ve seen a high-quality image of one of the Street Outlaws, there is a good chance that it has come from the camera of Lou Renova. In this particular situation, Renova says that he wanted to brush off some cobwebs and shake off some dust as he headed out to get a couple of shots during a test session to prep himself for the money shot on race night!

This time, we get to enjoy the fruits of Mr. “405 Photo’s” labor as we check in with some photographs of some of our favorite Street Outlaws including Ryan Martin, Murder Nova and Daddy Dave making some test passes at Thunder Valley Raceway.

Down in the video below, we get behind the scenes and it really gives us an appreciation for just how some of these photographers work. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget just how much effort is being invested not only in racing but also in the race coverage itself.