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The Ultimate DeLorean Gets Front Engine Converted and LS Swapped

Oh, the DeLorean. It’s pretty hard to look at one of these machines without thinking about 1980s pop culture which personally, takes us back to a good time. We’re assuming that if you’re here, you probably appreciate the 80s as well.

As cool of a car as the DeLorean might be, let’s just say that it really lacks any sort of luster in the performance category. Seriously, for anyone who has ever driven one of these things, they’ll probably tell you that it’s less than impressive in just about every performance metric imaginable even though it has the curb appeal of a supercar.

However, some enthusiasts have gotten creative in the name of making their DeLoreans faster. Usually, this means injecting the engine of their choice into the rear of the vehicle. It’s no shocker that somebody has done this with an LS engine already. However, this time, we check out another LS swapped DeLorean that’s a little bit different. Instead of simply swapping one engine in place of the other, this conversion changes the vehicle to a front-engine setup.

Needless to say, the new power plant has definitely given this particular DMC a new breath of life. Watching the car rip around and do a couple of burnouts is definitely something that could put a smile on our faces. We don’t mean to keep putting down the original car but we’re not even sure if it would be able to crack the tires to make a little bit of smoke without an engine transplant.

In any case, down in the video below, you can lay your eyes on the Back to the Future machine that is living in today’s age. After seeing some of these videos, we can’t help but wonder what might be coming next for the platform.