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The Worst of Haulover 2022 – Boats Get DECKED by Rogue Waves

When the waves of Haulover Inlet want to get rowdy, let’s just say that some pretty crazy things can happen. In fact, the body of water gets so rough that there are actually several YouTube channels dedicated entirely to capturing the action and uploading it to the video-sharing platform.

As it turns out, the inlet is used by all sorts of vessels, both big and small, as they attempt to get through Haulover to find their way to their destination. First, though, the likelihood that they end up being challenged is actually pretty high. Whether it’s waves or a ripping current, things can get… interesting.

This time, we check in with Boat Zone as they take us through some of the most intense “inlet stuffing” videos that they have captured. As it turns out, in addition to there being a variety of vessels, there is also a variety of different water conditions and different levels of experience on the boats. When throwing all of these into a pressure cooker, sometimes, things can tend to explode as the waves rise and the current rips.

Luckily, it does appear as if everybody involved in these videos would end up being all right. However, it has to be pretty downright terrifying to end up going overboard or have your vessel take on water when the waters are raging like this.

Down in the video below, we see exactly why it is that boaters who decide they want to challenge Haulover Inlet on a rough day should definitely know what they are doing and proceed with caution. Heading into a situation like this without having your head on a swivel and a good brain between your ears can definitely end up being a way to cause some pretty serious injury.

Some of these situations are nothing short of jaw-dropping and really leave us in awe!