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This Couple Moved Out and Converted a Small Van into their New Home

Many of us dream of being able to travel the world but sometimes, practicality just doesn’t allow for that to happen. For these folks, they realized that they have just one life to live and they were ready to hit the road with it to see what this country has to offer. With that in mind, they moved out of their conventional home after taking a shot at converting a van into a home on wheels to get them to wherever they want to go. The first order of action was to pick out a van and after selecting the Dodge Promaster, as they thought it would work best with their needs, the challenges would then arise to convert this thing from a cargo van to their very own home, providing them with the help they’d need to comfortably live on the road.

The space might be small, only mustering up 60 cubic feet to give but that wouldn’t stop these two from getting to work, decking it out with every last thing that you would expect in a home. They say that living a minimalist lifestyle like this really forces you to question what you use and what you don’t use on a regular basis. When they were able to shuffle through everything that wasn’t of use, the couple decided that they actually didn’t miss too much with their downsize, showing that maybe we have a lot more than we ever use.

Follow along with the video below the give you the top to bottom on this van, sharing details on everything that they did to customize this mobile machine to become a very viable living space.

From power to comfort and everything in between, just about every aspect of the conversion is addressed in this unique situation that really has these two maximizing their minimalist space as they take their home on the road.


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