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This is How Yachts Are Recovered From the Land After a Hurricane

After a hurricane makes landfall, witnessing the extent of damage caused by the powerful combination of wind and rain can be astonishing. Entire cities can be toppled, leaving behind a trail of floodwaters, flattened buildings, and even boats effortlessly tossed onto land. It’s crazy to think that all of this can be attributed to the forces of Mother Nature.

In Florida, a state frequented by severe weather events, the residents have become accustomed to dealing with the aftermath of such catastrophic storms and have developed intriguing systems to efficiently clean up the mess left behind.

One notable aspect of the recovery process involves the relocation of vessels that have made their way from the water to the land during a hurricane.

This time, we found an interesting clip on YouTube that focuses on the fascinating process of returning a boat from the land to the water as exemplified by Towboat U.S. With the assistance of a barge and a carefully operated crane, the boat is meticulously lifted from the ground. The initial step involves securing the straps perfectly to prevent any further mishaps. Once the boat is securely fastened, it is gently lowered back into the water. The process is necessary but nothing short of nerve racking for the boat’s owner to watch.

Following the boat’s return to the water, the crew thoroughly inspects it to ensure there are no signs of sinking. In the event that any water has seeped into the rescued boat, another specialized crew is prepared to promptly pump it out.

For a visual demonstration of this process, we turn to the Adventures of Happy Ours YouTube channel. Their video captures the impressive sight of a sizable vessel being lifted from a backyard after Hurricane Ian and placed back into the water, showcasing the expertise and precision involved in such a recovery operation.