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This MASSIVE RC Helicopter is the Biggest We’ve Ever Seen

When the casual bystander thinks about the remote control community, they probably think about the toys that you see on the shelf at Walmart. However, remote control enthusiasts would probably be pretty insulted if you associated them with this sort of selection. Instead, these folks really go above and beyond to truly bring their hobby to life, diving into all sorts of different areas that might just leave a couple of jaws on the floor.

Whether it’s the ultra-fast, ultra-realistic, or ultra-large, some remote control creations truly go above and beyond to put on a show, showcasing some of the most viral vehicles on the internet. In this particular case, we check in with an RC helicopter that is larger than life. This replica Airwolf Black Bell-222 is about 1/3 of the original size of the real deal. To be exact, the towering monster is 1:3.5 of the original.

When the operator stands next to it, the scaled-down aircraft nearly comes up to his chest and we’re informed that this bad boy is 14 feet long. In other words, while you probably don’t quite need a license to fly this thing, it’s about the size of an aluminum Jon boat.

Just watching the unbelievable aircraft hover above the ground is pretty nerve-racking as we can’t help but fear the worst. Fortunately, though, it seems as if the pilot here has things under control and keeps the flight nice and smooth.

When we reach this level of the hobby, there is some serious money being thrown around and the Black Bell-222 is certainly no exception. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch this aircraft glide through the air on its way to the hearts of millions of viewers who have already checked it out on YouTube. After checking it out for yourself below, be sure to tell us what you think of this bad machine.