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Thunder Jet “Jet Boat” Battles its Way up Churning Rapids

For most people who head out on a boat, they probably have a calm and relaxed day in mind. Those who don’t are probably thinking about cracking open the throttle on a smooth surface with their powerboat. However, not all boaters are created equal. Even though jet boaters who prefer to live on the extreme side are definitely in the minority, it’s a section of the boating world that we absolutely can’t help but love to watch.

This time, we check in with a rig that’s referred to as “Thunder Jet” and this mini monster is fighting some rather inense rapids. Generally, when we have seen these sorts of vessels, they might be navigating rapids but for the most part, it’s with the direction of the current. This time, though, the exact opposite is going down as this particular jet boat is going against the grain. That’s right, it’s trudging its way up a white water rapid instead of down one!

Not only does this look like the ride of a lifetime. It also looks like quite a bit of hard work to be able to muscle this machine from one end of the rapids to the next. However, we would also mention that it looks like an absolute blast inside of that cabin as well. We just feel like the occupants are having the time of a lifetime as they go upstream, bouncing around the entire way.

By following along with the video below, we get to tune in with quite the exhilarating experience. It’s certainly not every day that we see a boat like this out there roughing it. This is definitely one way to take something like powerboating and turn it into an extreme sport.

We could even see this sort of competition making its way to the Olympics!