Thundering Loud Jake Brake in a Tunnel

When it comes to a car or truck, one of the most important metrics by which we ...

When it comes to a car or truck, one of the most important metrics by which we measure how good it is happens to be the sound coming from the exhaust. It’s one of the most prominent things that you notice about a machine from the first moment you see it and as such, all of us gearheads want our machines to sound good! There something that is just so soothing about just the right exhaust note bellowing out of your pipes to hit bystanders right in the ear and give them that chill down your spines that will most certainly turn some heads in the process.

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Now, if you’re somebody who takes pride in the way that their vehicle sounds, you’re probably no stranger to opening it up in a tunnel and really letting it rip, spitting out the loudest note that you can to allow it reverberate through the walls of the structure and really crank out a sound that worthy of admiration. This time, we check out a truck owner who has a thundering loud Jake brake and this driver makes use of it in a tunnel to really make that thing shake! I’m surprised that he didn’t shake the entire structure of its foundation with how brutally that thing was spitting out the noise.

Check out the video down below and crank up the speakers to really hear this truck roar! After listening to the incredible noises this machine pumps out with a little bit of exhaust braking action, be sure to tell us about your favorite situation in which you really let it rip inside of the tunnel. There’s something about these tunnels that just brings out the inner child in us all and really puts the need to show off at the forefront of our actions.

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