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Tom Brady Bought a Multi-Million Dollar Super Boat to Celebrate His New Life in Florida

The Super Bowl has come and gone yet again and we have seen some pretty familiar results. As we all found out earlier this month, Tom Brady would add yet another ring to his collection. The quarterback would showcase his dominance, leaving the system that everybody thought made him before moving to a new town where he would go on to win yet another ring.

Following the victory, the team would have quite the Super Bowl parade. Unlike a traditional parade, this one would take place on a variety of different yachts. Plenty of onlookers were left to assume that many of these boats were rentals or maybe provided by the team. However, as it turns out, at least one of them belongs to one of the players.

In a video that was seen around the internet, Brady would toss the Lombardy trophy from the back of one boat to the next. I guess that it’s kind of hard to hand it off when you’re on separate boats.

The toss would end up creating quite the stir. However, what we’re focused on this time is the vessel that Brady was standing on. As it turns out, the 44-foot yacht is his own. He decided to add it to the collection late last year to officially make him a Florida resident.

TMZ speculated that Brady picked up the Wajer 55s last year for a sum of somewhere between $3.5 and $4 million.  Oth reports conflict with the information, saying that the vessel is worth more like $2 million. Wajer doesn’t hand out pricing info and we couldn’t find any used ones for sale. In any case, though, it’s multiple times with most people’s homes cost.

On the back, the yacht sports the name “Viva la Vida” which was a creative name and marketing initiative all wrapped into one. “Viva la Vida” is also the name by which Gisele Bündchen, Brady’s wife, has named her tree planting initiative.