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Things Get Physical Between Tony Stewart and Young Driver in SRX Series

When it comes to circle track events, while we want to say that the main attraction is always the epic action on the track, sometimes, the numbers don’t lie with the videos that hit the web. Instead, in addition to these epic sequences in the race, fans absolutely love it when a little bit of drama unfolds off of the track as well.

The most recent racing drama comes from the SRX series. For those who aren’t familiar, the series is a circle track event that puts all sorts of accomplished drivers from different corners of the racing world up against one another in the same car. With this, we see legends from all corners of motorsports compete with one another along with some of the hottest newcomers to the sport as well.

This time, on the SRX track, there was a little bit of a difference of opinion between NASCAR legend, Tony Stewart, and young gun, Ernie Francis Jr.

Naturally, when it comes to this sort of racing, there’s bound to be some sort of disagreement. Drivers will frequently disagree with one another on exactly how each driver handles themselves on the track or just how aggressive a move might be. There’s a very fine line between racing hard and racing dirty. Cross that line and things are bound to get a little bit tense if not physical.

This time, cameras follow Stewart and Francis Jr. to the pits following an incident. Apparently, Tony wasn’t too happy with the way that his competitor raced him as he crossed his path at a very inconvenient time. As Stewart tells us, he knows just about every dirty trick in the book and is willing to use them if he feels like another racer isn’t behaving appropriately during competition.

In the video below, we see not only the confrontation but also what caused it. After checking in with the incident, be sure to tell us what you think of this little mixup.