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Top 10 Sales Flops For Luxury and Sports Cars (80s-2000s)

It can be rather interesting to retrace our steps back in time throughout the timeline of automotive history. Sure, there are many great stories that highlight this timeline. Some of them are truly inspiring and tell tales of visionaries that revolutionized the way that we drive. However, other times, these stories tell the tale of a great blunder.

This time, we check in with YouTube creator, My Old Car, as he gives us a list of the top 10 sales flops as a pertains to luxury and sports cars from the 1980s through the 2000s. During this period in time, there were most certainly a lot of interesting models that came out. This list shows off those that were the best of the worst.

Some of these names on this list seem like maybe they were just a little bit ahead of their time. When taking a look at them in retrospect, we could see why it was that they didn’t quite fit into the landscape at the time when they were first released. These days, though, maybe some of the same concepts that made these vehicles flop could work if implemented in today’s market. Some of these ideas actually have been implemented later on with great success.

Other times, though, we just take one look at the product that was released to the public and can’t help but wonder what exactly the automaker was thinking. There are certain releases that happen and are incredibly perplexing. These examples would make any normal person wonder how exactly such a design could make it through so many people behind the scenes and actually end up at a dealership in the long run.

In any case, now that these examples are behind us, perhaps they can serve as a learning experience for automakers of today. While we most certainly would never encourage automakers to halt their creativity as there are plenty of bland and boring economy boxes rolling around in the streets that need an exciting counterpart, some of these examples definitely take things over the top.

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