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Touring a $100m Mega Yacht With 2 Swimming Pools, Just Wait Till You See The Inside

There is a lot that one could do with $100 million. For one particular individual, they chose to spend it on a single purchase. Such a single purchase would have to be pretty monumental for that price tag and we would venture to think that for most, the 263-foot “Tatiana” fits the bill of “monumental” pretty well.

When we step inside of some of the world’s most luxurious superyachts, it can take a minute to process things. Upon taking such video tours, it almost feels as if we are inside of one of the world’s most prestigious hotels. Instead, though, these yachts can travel just about anywhere in the world, allowing their owners to explore all of Earth’s great sights with every amenity imaginable.

This time, thanks to Enes Yilmazer, we get a tour of Tatiana. This particular yacht’s exterior design was done by Unique Yacht Design and the interior was created by H2 Yacht Design. When the two are combined, we find just about every amenity that one could ever want or need. Seriously, this is a vessel that somebody could easily live out the rest of their life on without ever needing a thing again!

From dining to entertaining and even a “Beach club,” it seems as if the creators behind the yacht have thought of just about everything so that the owner is left wanting for nothing. Just when we thought it couldn’t get much crazier, it is revealed that the yacht even has a pair of swimming pools onboard. Just in case one pool wasn’t enough, there is another just in case a swimming pool emergency pops up and you don’t want to walk across the deck.

Down in the video below, we check in with the vessel that can simply be described as an incredible feat of engineering. The longer that this tour goes on, the more things we find that absolutely put our jaws on the floor.

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