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Touring Joe Rogan’s 1969 Camaro by Roadster Shop

As many fans of Joe Rogan would be able to tell us, it just so happens that the podcaster extraordinaire has quite a sweet tooth for muscle machines. Rogan has all sorts of cars but it seems as if a good portion of his collection strays toward American muscle.

This time, we tune in with one member of the stable in his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

It might not be too surprising that a guy who is rumored to have inked a $100 million-plus deal has a whole bunch of custom machines in his garage. In this particular ride, we find a classic that has been completely spec’d out by Roadster Shop.

The black-on-black color scheme really brings the concept of life. With custom touches throughout, those familiar with the 69 body style will notice all sorts of subtle changes in the design. From the lower spoiler to the bumpers and tons of other touches, lots of subtle additions have made this car a little bit more modern while keeping the essence of the classic styling. One of our favorite add-ons on the outside is the 3-D printed mirrors that really show what sort of products are possible with 3-D printing technology.

Inside, the ride gets, even more, custom attributes to bring it to life. This is where we find pro-touring style design in everything from the racing seats to the Dakota Digital gauges.

The main event comes when the hood is popped and we find modern V8 power. Under the hood resides an 860 hp LSA built by Wegner Automotive. Furthermore, gearheads will appreciate that Rogan keeps the manual alive with the help of a T-56 Magnum XL transmission.

The car is finished off nicely with components like a bolt-in chassis and six-piston Baer Pro+ brakes. These sorts of components might be overlooked by some but they can be the difference between a machine that is good to drive and one that is great to drive.

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