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Touring the Garage of NBA Finals MVP Front Runner, Devin Booker

As of the writing of this article, the Phoenix Suns are currently competing in the 2021 NBA Finals. At the beginning of the year, we aren’t too sure that too many folks had penned them in to make it this far. However, the Suns would defy all odds to be one of the final two teams pushing for the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Of course, basketball is a team sport. However, we all search for that player or two who are responsible for being the leaders of their team to help them get to the next level. This year, the Phoenix Suns just so happen to have that blossoming All-Star in Devin Booker.

Not only is Booker a great player but at only 24 years of age, there is quite a promising future ahead of him. He has even already been compared to Kobe Bryant, with some speculating that Booker might even be the next Kobe Bryant.

Because of that, Booker has been treated to a five-year $158 million contract backdating back to 2019. That’s certainly a lot of money and if you’re anything like us, you can probably imagine some of the cars that you would spend all of that cash on. I know I have my list ready to go, just in case.

As it turns out, Booker is actually a pretty big gearhead himself. In order to satisfy that need for speed, Booker has gone out and spent some of his millions on a variety of machines from exotics to classics and everything in between.

This time, the folks from HYPEBEAST take it upon themselves to dive into Booker’s personal car collection, showing off some of his favorites along with taking a walk back in time to show us exactly what Booker started to spend his money on when he first got paid.