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Touring the New 187 Customs Peterbilt Toter Home

When it comes to watching our favorite Street Outlaws compete, there are some things that fans just don’t regularly think about. Sure, most can appreciate that keeping together a race team is quite the effort. Having to spend all of your waking hours working on a car, keeping it in tiptop shape, is definitely something that very few can do.

However, even beyond maintaining some of the most impressive cars in the drag racing world, the little challenges of constantly competing can really begin to add up. For example, spending time on the road is something that can really wear a person down physically.

Some might look at the opportunity to go racing for a living as an amazing one and it most certainly is. However, when you’re spending most of your time going from racing location to racing location, that wear and tear can most certainly add up over time.

Because of this, some competitors will choose to spend a little bit of money on the creature comforts. At the end of the day, an investment in a home on wheels can pay off big time if it means competitors can be much more productive in the long run.

This time, we check in with Shawn Ellington as he gives us a little bit of a tour of his new home on wheels. As it turns out, sleeping on the foldout couch, as he was in his old rig, wasn’t going to cut it much longer for Mr. Murder Nova. Going from track to track and having to race and work on a car with a bad back just isn’t something that sounds like a lot of fun.

Down in the video below, we get to check in with Shawn’s new Peterbilt tow rig that has a lot of things that might seem simple but at the end of the day really make a huge difference when it comes to life on the road.

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