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Towing 10,000 pounds with a Ford F-150 Lightning – MAXED OUT!

When it comes to new propulsion sources for our vehicles, it’s an incredibly controversial world to say the least. While some consumers are definitely excited to see what electric vehicles have to offer, others seem to fear the change and want things to stay just the way that they are.

For those who have been pushing back against the idea of electric powered trucks, they were very much validated in early testing when it came to real world towing. These light duty electric pick up trucks have promised some pretty stout numbers when it comes to towing. In the case of the Ford F-150 Lightning, the truck promises to be able to pull 10,000 pounds without even thinking twice about it.

When the Lightning hits the streets, it does exactly as it promises. 10,000 pounds is a breeze and different reviews have reported that it feels like you’re not even pulling anything at all because the truck manages to do it so smoothly.

However, where chaos ensues seems to be when we talk about battery range and how much it is limited when pulling a load behind the truck. Of course, being on a tight leash with a heavy load isn’t something that anybody pulling a trailer wants to have any part of. Pulling along a trailer is already complicating things to begin with and throwing in lengthy and unnecessary stops is only going to make things less desirable.

This time, we check in with YouTube creator, JerryRigEverything, as he attempts to see just how well the new F-150 Lightning will do when pulling at max capacity.

Below, we get the scoop on the Lightning in real life. So, is this thing as inefficient when it comes to pulling a trailer as it’s cracked up to be or has Ford managed to make a couple of improvements to make sure that its new EV lives up to the hype?