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Toyota Joins Tesla, BMW New Color Switching Feature

Revolutionizing Car Aesthetics: Toyota, Inspired by Tesla and BMW, Pioneers Easy Color Changes

Toyota is taking a bold leap into the future of automotive personalization, following the trailblazing footsteps of industry giants Tesla and BMW. Discarding traditional vinyl wraps and tedious painting jobs, Toyota is set to introduce cutting-edge technology that enables drivers to effortlessly alter their car’s color.

This groundbreaking innovation, conceived as early as 2022 and recently patented by Toyota, promises a seamless transition for car enthusiasts eager to revamp their ride’s appearance. The patented system utilizes advanced technology that responds to heat or light exposure, offering a spectrum of color possibilities.

The process is elegantly simple: vehicles pass through a specially designed garage-like enclosure where the paint is heated, while a state-of-the-art color-modulator device sprays them, transforming their hue according to the driver’s preference.

Once this patent becomes accessible to the public, Toyota customers can opt for the color-changing treatment either upon purchasing a new vehicle or for existing cars seeking a vibrant makeover.

Tesla Sets the Bar High with Instant Color Changes In the realm of automotive innovation, Tesla once again takes the lead with its groundbreaking software update, granting drivers the power to switch their car’s color instantaneously. Launched in February 2022, Tesla’s Car Colorizer feature revolutionizes customization, offering an array of color options directly accessible from within the vehicle or via the Tesla app.

From sleek metallic finishes to bold matte tones, Tesla drivers can now indulge their creativity with unparalleled ease. This transformative capability has garnered widespread admiration, with enthusiasts showcasing their personalized Tesla transformations on social media platforms.


BMW’s Dynamic Color Evolution BMW, renowned for its commitment to innovation, introduced its own color-changing technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in May 2022. The BMW iX Flow, equipped with E Ink technology, allows drivers to switch hues effortlessly with a simple press of a button.

This dynamic feature not only offers a means of self-expression but also underscores the evolving nature of automotive aesthetics. By seamlessly transitioning between colors, the BMW iX Flow transforms into a canvas for individuality, reflecting the driver’s mood and style in real time.

As demonstrated by automotive influencers like Supercar Blondie, the BMW iX Flow’s color technology opens new vistas of customization, with the ability to display two colors simultaneously in its mesmerizing wave mode.

In Summary Toyota’s foray into easy color changes mirrors the industry’s ongoing quest for innovation and personalization, inspired by the trailblazing initiatives of Tesla and BMW.
As companies push boundaries, drivers express individuality, shaping a new era of dynamic car customization.