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BMW Looks to the Future With Color Changing Cars

Each and every year, we come across something new in the automotive industry that looks promising to take the world by storm. Many times, concept vehicles bring the most extreme ideas to the table with the hopes of making it to production in some form.

These concepts can come from any automaker at any time and will often put their best foot forward, trying to showcase what the future of the industry looks like. The brand will then pick bits and pieces, implementing them into the cars that actually make it to market.

In this particular scenario, the concept in question comes from BMW. Apparently, this particular automaker sees the future including color-changing cars. With the BMW i Vision DEE, we check out a machine that will allow its user to show their true colors if you will. Thanks to what the company calls “e-ink tech” which has been compared to something like a tablet or e-reader, the car can showcase all sorts of different color combinations.

DEE or “Digitial Emotional Experience” is able to portray 32 different shades or a combination of multiple shades at the same time. We think that the video below from Inside Edition really hits the nail on the head when they call this a rolling mood ring.

While this might seem like a gimmicky way of changing your car’s colors depending on your mood, it also has some functional implications as well. For example, in cold weather, it might be a good idea to make your vehicle a darker color as to absorb more heat. Conversely, when it’s hot outside, switching to a lighter color could be a way to not absorb as much heat.

Below, we get a first look at the car from the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show. When we take a look at concepts like this it’s hard to say which are going to catch on and which will just become a part of automotive lore. However, it’s pretty interesting to see how the big brands have their eye set on the future.

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