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Trash Can Rail System Puts Trash Night on Lazy Mode

I think it is pretty safe to say that 2023 and beyond have found a way to become the age of automation. With all sorts of technology coming to life, tasks that were previously done by hand, whether they might be household chores or entire corporate job descriptions, might now be done by a series of mechanical pieces and a robotic mind controlling at all.

One thing, though, that is exactly the same today as it was back when garbage trucks were first invented is the fact that we have to roll our cans out to the curb once per week for the sanitation department to pick them up and take away our garbage.

One would think that top tool manufacturers would have come up with some sort of strategy to automate this process by now. After all, if the market offers up robots that can clean your house or cut your lawn, why not have a robotic platform that could take your trashcan to the curb once every week on a schedule?

Apparently, a YouTube user by the name of Max Maker was fed up with the idea of having to roll out his cans once per week. Therefore, he got to work, using a sort of rail system. The system would essentially automate the process of taking the cans to the curb by creating a sort of “trash train.”

Now, a complicated system like this might seem like a little bit of overkill for something that takes less than five minutes to do once every week. However, with the level of automation that we see these days, we wouldn’t be entirely shocked if an idea like this was a jumping-off point for some form of new widespread technology that eliminates the hassle of running out into the cold on a Sunday night to put out your cans for the trash man on Monday.