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Truck Driver Almost Loses it, Goes Full “Tokyo Drift” on Ice

It could be a pretty scary feeling, being behind the wheel of whatever it is that you drive, when all of a sudden, you feel the vehicle shifting underneath of you and heading toward the guardrail. You’re driving in a winter wonderland and the next thing you know, that wonderland is about to become a terrifying place if you don’t act quickly.

In this particular scenario, we check in with a truck driver who had that very situation unfold while behind the wheel. Not only did this driver have to worry about everything that a typical driver would have to worry about in a situation like this but added in the threat of carnage that could result if the load in question was overturned.

In what we could only describe as a display of complete driving excellence and an ability to keep calm, we watch what might be one of the craziest saves ever caught on dash cam. At first, it looks like all is lost as the big rig ends up sliding on the ice, swerving out of control, and appearing as if it was just going to slide off into the ditch and create an incredibly uncomfortable situation.

However, as the driver stays calm under pressure, he maneuvers in such a way as to regain control of the rig, keeping it on the road and pushing forward. I’m not sure about you but I don’t think that I would personally be able to even attempt to pull off a maneuver like this without completely freaking out.

Fortunately for the world, it was all caught on dash cam. Hopefully, the driver of the truck recording it all was able to get the footage to the guy who made this epic save because otherwise, we aren’t sure that his buddies would believe him.

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